Preventative Maintenance

It Should Never Be The Elephant In The Room!

In today’s world of office equipment technology, it’s more about the support team, than it is the technical equipment. Don’t be fooled into thinking a service contract somehow guarantees your up-time. It doesn’t.

Preventative Maintenance is a specified interval of time between Maintenance checks and cycles and most organizations fall way short of the mark on this one aspect.

Many times, you’ll have a service contract, but the last time a technician showed up at your office could be over 2 years ago to change a part. That’s just an umbrella coverage, not a maintenance coverage. And you pay a high premium just to maintain that umbrella coverage!

Here at BIZ PRO we don’t offer traditional “Service Contracts”. It’s one of the leading ways dealers make money, and clients lose. We’ve worked hard to establish a bridge of trust with our clients, so they can better understand just where their money is being spent. Depending on the size, scope, and demands your individual business needs, we show you how to minimize both your overhead costs, as well as your risks in preventing breakdowns in the first place. One of those key elements is “Preventative Maintenance”!

Instead of the traditional “Service Agreement”, BIZ PRO offers an interval maintenance checkup, periodic cleaning and Support Assistance plan that allows the client to keep a large portion of their money, while also managing the more simplistic tasks associated with keeping the machine up to date and healthy.

Most late model office machines have a full lineup of consumables that can be changed without even needing a screwdriver. They’ve become very compartmentalized pieces, that have such an ease of insertion, checkup and replacement, there is no need for a technician. So why pay the exorbitant amount under a service contract, when you won’t see your technicians for months, sometimes years?

If you want to drastically reduce your costs, keep better control over the health of your machine, and ensure the best possible up-time, then our program is for you. Call us today, and let us show you where the future of office equipment support is heading.

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