Mono Versus Dual Toner Cartridges

In today’s world we are more conscious of both the green world we live in and the green we’d like to save in making copies and prints. While one source would have you believe that its better to purchase their product over another, there are some distinct features, functions and even designs that outweigh all other options. We start with talking about a mono versus dual toner cartridge and the benefits associated with both types.

First, what is the difference between a dual and mono toner cartridge? In short, one has a drum unit included, the other does not. Here is an illustration that shows you the basic differences between the two.



While DUAL COMPONENT cartridge manufacturers can argue that changing the drum with each toner refill adds freshness and assured quality, the costs associated with that change are much higher. The drum unit is a large portion of the total expense of that cartridge unit. The average drum life should last between 3 to 5 toner refills. In essence, when you deplete the toner in your DUAL COMPONENT toner cartridge, you are discarding a perfectly good drum which has only used up about 1/3rd to 1/5th of its life expectancy. The average DUAL COMPONENT cartridge costs between $12900 to $26900 for replacement. The average yields for this cartridge range from 1,500 yield to 3,500 yield.

SINGLE COMPONENT toner cartridges are much cheaper. They range from $4900 to $8900 with the yields being identical to their dual component counterparts. In this case, you are only replacing the drum unit every 3rd to 5th toner change. The average DRUM CARTRIDGE unit for this type of SINGLE COMPONENT toner units are between $6900 to $16900 and only need replacement when they have either went beyond their life count, or start to cause quality issues in the printed image.

A professional company that has the depth of knowledge and experience in reducing your costs can show you how simple things like this above informative illustration between DUAL COMPONENT and MONO COMPONENT cartridges can save your company a lot of money without sacrificing your productive flow of communication.  One client we recently worked with had 147 printers throughout their organization.  Their average printer made between 1,000 to 5,000 copies a month. Last year’s reports showed we saved this company over $75,000 in one year by simply converting them to a more “managed” printing platform.  They made no reductions in printing and they only updated 29 of their printers during this process.

When it comes to reducing your costs, there are many ways of gaining the leverage and experience of professionals in tune with printing technology. Let us help you in reducing your costs without jeopardizing your communication effectiveness. Call us today and SAVE!



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