Color Copiers

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When you want to make a statement, nothing says it like color! In the world of copiers, there are two very distinct levels of color. We call the first “Corporate Color”.  Corporate Color is a standard by which the average person who sees it will be fine with its overall appearance. It’s extremely cost aggressive and every manufacturer has a price leader. Corporate color is used for that internal report where divisions and attention to details needs a little POP to help it stand out.

For the serious customer who demands quality, consistency and the edge over competitors, there’s professional color. This is a very distinct color field where accuracy, quality and delivery of sharp vivid color is expected. Many manufacturers claim to have it, but only a few really deserve the right to carry the banner. When that presentation needs to evoke an emotional value of perception, there is no substitute for getting it right the very first time! And yes, there’s been many times where simple presentation wins the deal. Don’t be caught short! Make your presentation POP off the page!