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Chris Banzet Sr. is originally from Hill city, S.D. a very small town 10 miles from Mount Rushmore. There he was molded by the beautiful Black Hills environment and outdoor cultures as well as midwest value traditions. His father, who retired from the Air Force at Ellsworth AFB,  opened a small sporting goods shop in Hill City for hunters and fisherman. As early as 12 years old, Chris began selling at the retail store. He enlisted in the Army in 1984 and served 8 years in various CONUS and overseas tours. He is a proud veteran who now has two sons serving in the Air Force carrying on a long standing military family tradition. He became a fuel and electrical systems specialist which begun his journey into technical knowledge. He studied Psychology and business in college and began his sales career as a moonlighting job while in the military.

He has over 31 years experience in computer technology, 29 years in sales, 15 in management and 10 years as a business owner and service technology provider.  His vast experience spans the continental United States where he worked for the largest corporations in his field of expertise, down to owning a small business. He’s spent a majority of his career as a color specialist and global account rep. His successful career has earned him many awards and his greatest asset to a client was transcending from a sales representative into a true consultant based on his depth of experience gained as a supporting technician of office technology. The combined experience of consultative sales with technical support knowledge set Chris apart from more than 98% of his peers. Added is his experience of ownership and understanding the responsibilities associated with owning a business. Combined, that makes Chris’ experience invaluable during the solution building process.

Chris’ motto is, and always has been Take care of the customer first, and all other things will naturally follow. BIZ PRO’s rapid climb in the market place has come from this vision. He believes it truly is the niche which separates BIZ PRO from other resellers in his marketspace.  Chris says “many companies have a traditional business model. They develop a strategy and painfully allow the customer’s voice to chip away little bits and pieces from their policies. Here at BIZ PRO, we formed our model to be flexible and a custom fit for the client. By not guessing what our clients needs are and genuinely listening to their concerns, we formulate the right questions to ask which leads us to a viable and concrete solution.”

When asked, what separates your experience from all others? Chris replies ” I’ve had the great pleasure of experiencing many different positions, in many different company type settings. From the largest reseller in the country to the smallest company footprint. I’ve also served in many roles to include” global accounts, color specialist, territory representative, sales manager, vice president, owner and technician. I think this well rounded experience has allowed me to view the business model in a unique way that 98% of my industry doesn’t get to see.  If you ask me, it absolutely is an advantage over my competition as experience is the greatest teacher.

When asked, what is the most important element in creating an office technology solution? Chris Replied: “There’s no short answer, so please bear with me. Today’s client is convinced a solution is their responsibility. It’s hard to be consultative and maintain their attention. They’ve experienced an industry using the word “consultative” but  not meeting their genuine needs. It’s tough gaining confidence with a company that genuinely needs guidance. They’re belief model of asking for multiple proposals seems like the best model. Even more concerning,  many companies believe they have had genuine success using this multiple proposal approach.  Yet, studies conducted by outside sources have shown both dealership and client suffered hiccups and loss in support and cost output due to inadequate placement of equipment. Technicians are knowledgeable resources, except they’ve been bridled as well, to ensure the company’s theme is heard. It’s extremely rare to find a company or representative that will actually produce a genuine solution for a client. We struggle sometimes to be heard. We’re a small company and a client hears the “selling” theme from so many companies, our straight forward consultative vision can be in great contrast at times.  I get back to what I said a minute ago, clients “think” they can decipher technology because many have as much knowledge about our product as the sales representatives attempting to sell the product line.  This is pathetic, yet painfully true! To them, shopping for office technology is no different than strolling through the isle at Best Buy and inquiring about a TV or stereo.  When we can actually walk a client through an entire consultative process, many become quite surprised just how much dynamics really separates one machine from another. It’s not rocket science, but it’s absolutely a very detailed process. With that visual trueness told, I’ll now answer the question. A client who actually goes through an entire consultative process and then asks “why” on each value point given, will gain the greatest results. The “why” is a litmus test for the reseller to explain to you they understand your vision and needs. If the solution isn’t in line with your vision, they must tell you “why” they changed that vision.  I’ve “never” had a client come back after a true consultative process and say they didn’t receive the best solution.  Twenty Three years and still counting. However, when forced to play a role in the proposal bidding frenzy, we’ve lost good clients who blamed their poor decision making process on us.  Take the time, even if you don’t believe it has value in your process, it absolutely does!”




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